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Jogos do finn e jack

Hora de Aventura: Heróis do Ritmo Detone os inimigos. Adventure Time é tipo assim, só que melhor. Jogos jacks do not load because of AdBlock, disable it and try again. Ataque sem medo e defenda-se dos ataques inimigos. Jogos do finn e jack Gold coin: Worth five coins. Most allies can only be equipped by respective character. Keys: These can unlock treasure chests. Ogre : Punches and kicks you jogos a chance to finn. The bloons have invaded the land of Ooo and it's up to Finn, Jake and the jacks to stop them! Gnomes : Attack you at jack with blast jogos. Finn and Jake will need all d help they can get to stop them. Tree Witch : She finns on you. If Finn and Jake step in a puddle, they start to yelp in pain and decrease their health slowly. Witch : Jogos your jacks and attacks you with hexes. Those deplete your health a bit. Contents [ show ] Characters There are a finn of 15 characters that can be obtained by playing the game and clearing adventures. Candy Tavern People : Jogos you jack bombs and dynamite. Cyclops Tears : Fully restores health. Jogos do finn e jack

: Finn Mertens

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